Strategic Planning

We start with the end in mind. For portfolio companies of private equity firms, this means articulating the business elements that will maximize exit value — and doing this in the first year of the hold period. For public or private companies, it’s equally important to define where the business should be in three to five years (doing this encourages bigger thinking about the business potential).

With a clear picture of how to maximize value, we work backward to the present, creating the strategies, tactics, required resources and investments, key accountabilities and pro forma financials essential to quality planning and execution.

Our process ensures that all strategies — organic growth, add-on acquisition, profit improvement and infrastructure — tie directly into the P&L. The final product is a clear action plan that can be shared with and embraced by your company’s management, employees and stakeholders.

Our strategic planning process flowchart distills it into one image. Please download our strategic planning process flowchart which demonstrates the comprehensiveness and simplicity of our approach.


Our management team was new to private equity ownership and Apex Growth Strategies was brought in to assist us in the development of our strategic plan. Eddie’s knowledge of ‘how it works’ brought the team valuable insight. Eddie makes the process easy. He led our brainstorming session and articulated our ideas into a working document that could be presented to our Board as well as a task-oriented accountabilities matrix that we refine over time.

Eddie kept us on point and documented our discussions. Our team was able to open up and debate without the laborious task of document creation. By the end of our engagement, we had a working document ready to be presented to our Board with actionable items.

We highly recommend Apex Growth. Eddie’s experience, passion and empathy allowed our executive team to feel extremely comfortable, for meaningful dialogue and focus us on our growth objectives."

— Gary Rothschild

Current Portfolio Company of Shoreview Industries