Exit Planning

Our exit planning process shares a number of elements with strategic planning — the key difference is the importance of the time frame to exit. During exit planning, we work with clients between 12 and 18 months before the company goes to market. Our work focuses on clarifying and tightening the strategies and tactics that will drive value through the exit and also constitute the basis of the growth story for the next buyer.

Given proximity to the exit event, the level of investment made in this period may vary depending on the company’s particular situation. We have a strong record of value creation derived from working with management teams prior to the exit process and are happy to share this record with qualified prospects.


We engaged Eddie to assist InVita Healthcare Technologies transition from a founder-led, niche company to a professional healthcare IT company spanning several verticals and complex medical environments. Eddie was instrumental in getting the management team to think outside of their narrow fields and develop a solid strategic plan. These were difficult waters to traverse but Eddie handled the job with ease. He is a trusted confidant to the CEO now and continues to help shape the future of InVita.”

— Todd Collins
Chief Executive Officer

Current Portfolio Company of The Riverside Company