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When you engage Apex Growth Strategies, we commit to the rapid, sustained growth of your business, focusing on value creation and a strong exit for private equity portfolio companies. We work with management teams, private equity transactors and operating partners and independent directors to build plans that deliver on in-year commitments — and — enable longer term growth to maximize value at exit.This commitment drives each of our practice areas:

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As a founder-run, high growth start-up, when our company reached the $30mm mark we were acquired by private equity. The PE firm brought in new senior management, and it quickly became evident that to continue our meteoric growth, we needed to unify the thinking of legacy leadership and the new management team to identify and resource our biggest strategic opportunities. We engaged Eddie Binder to steer the blended team through a strategic planning process and the development of a five-year plan. He expertly drew the team out of the tactical weeds, challenged everyone to drop preconceived notions, and ultimately zeroed in on the opportunities that represented the greatest incremental value for the business. Importantly, because Eddie’s approach was insightful, disarming and collaborative, the process was very team oriented, and in the end the entire team felt vested in the process and has joint ownership of the final plan. There is no longer a sense of the old vs. the new, but a unified team charging forward to accomplish a shared vision. Eddie continues to be a tremendous resource that we use as a sounding board to vet the continued progression of our plan."

— Maura Mottolese

Realized a successful exit in June 2018
Seller: The Riverside Company
Acquirer: Mondelez International