Exit Values

This is our focal point – the one metric that best defines our contributions to our clients’ value creation efforts. In fact, since our founding in 2003, more than 30 private equity-owned portfolio companies have realized successful exits, with strong cash-on-cash and IRR returns.

Each client engagement begins with a meeting with management, where we create a vision of the business in five years, featuring specific revenue and EBITDA objectives. From there, we work backward to our current position and build a plan that guides the business toward its maximum potential.

Starting with the end in mind ensures that our strategic and tactical thinking reaches as far as possible and this, in turn, leads to maximum value creation. The following successful exits are a representative sample of our single-minded commitment to our clients’ success:

Portfolio Company Seller Transaction Date
cholula l catterton November 2020
pine saw mill January 2020
epm riverside November 2019
epm fortpoint October 2019
epm fortpoint July 2018
G&H Orthodontics riverside June 2018
Tranzonic Silver Oak March 2018
G&H Orthodontics riverside December 2017
G&H Orthodontics riverside September 2017
ecommission milestone August 2017
avure milestone April 2017
yourmembership riverside February 2017
eemax riverside November 2016
eemax riverside November 2016
eemax riverside December 2015
datamyx halyard Ocober 2015
epm fortpoint Ocober 2015
safemark milestone October 2015
hsi dwhp May 2015
ac highroad February 2015
foodstate riverside

December 2014

preceisionwire riverside December 2014
aerco riverside November 2014
lonestar fortpoint April 2014

Value Creation

A proven methodology for top-
and bottom-line growth

APEX Intro Video

Bob Logan, CEO of Global Claims Services, talks about his company’s experience in working with Eddie Binder of Apex Growth Strategies.

Having facilitated workshops to originate growth strategies for many subordinate operating units and companies, I was initially skeptical about any true value I might realize by engaging a third-party consultant, that I could not produce through my own leadership.

Eddie was completely understanding of this line of thought but successfully encouraged me to recognize that I might bring greater value as a participant, than as the facilitator. This proved to not only be true but to be an essential insight.

Eddie’s respectful and engaging style, coupled with his keen insight into the nuances of private equity, drove a deep, honest and meaningful evaluation of our business by our management team. He helped us to develop a strategy aligned with both the shorter-term interests of our financial sponsor and the longer-term growth and sustainability interests of our company. The outcome wouldn’t have been as consequential without our partnership with Eddie and Apex Growth Strategies.”

— Greg Rzonca
Chief Executive Officer

Realized successful exit in January 2020
Seller: Saw Mill Capital
Acquirer: ACON Investments